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Cold Weather / Winter Operations

Updated for winter 2018/19
All Pilots, Cabin Crew and Dispatchers must undergo Winter Operations training each year before commencing operations in cold weather.
For Cabin Crew this training is called Contamination Training.
We have initial and recurrent training available for Pilots and Cabin Crew, this course is available online and we can provide Instructor Led Training on request.

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    Winter / Cold Weather Operations Training for Pilots

    This course is for Flight and Cabin Crew and is available both as instructor led and online eLearning. Crew are required to renew the qualification every 12 months.

    Both initial and recurrent training course are avaiolable and meet the requirements of EASA, FAA and Transport Canada.

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    Aircraft Contamination Training for Cabin Crew
    In Europe EASA states that all Cabin Crew must undertake training in winter operations: “Under Appendix 1 to Part CC General theoretical knowledge of aviation and aviation regulations covering all elements relevant to the duties and responsibilities required from cabin crew: 1.1. aviation terminology, theory of flight, passenger distribution, areas of operation, meteorology and effects of aircraft surface contamination; Our Initial and Recurrent course meets the full requirements of EASA.
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    Winter / Cold Weather Operations Training for Dispatchers

    This course is designed for Dispatchers and is available as both online and instructor led courses.

    Dispatchers must undertake Winter Operations training every 12 months.

    Both initial and recurrent courses are available and meet the requirements of EASA, FAA and Transport Canada.

Course Examples

Below are screen shots of some of the courses and modules.

Winter Operations - Training & Qualifications

Cold Weather Operations

All Pilots must undergo initial and recurrent training, we can provide this training as an online course or as an instructor led course.
Contaminated training for Cabin Crew - cold weather operations

Aircraft Contamination Training

There is an EASA requirement for all Cabin Crew to undergo Aircraft Contamination Training on initial courses and retake recurrent training every year.
Winter Operations - Rime Ice
Winter Operations - Ice Protection
Winter Operations - Engine Icing
Winter Operations - taxiing

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