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Weather Radar

Weather remains a major cause of aviation fatalities worldwide.
Pilots must fully understand their weather radar so they can effectively navigate around a weather system.
Learning how to identify and best avoid a potentially dangerous storm will keep you to fly safely.

With this course, pilots will learn how to read the weather radar and interpret the display with greater accuracy.

The course include a review of accidents attributed to inaccurate analyses of the weather radar and includes the following topics
Introduction and Course
Airborne Weather Radar
Weather Radar System
Radar Display
Display Colours, and Gradients
Weather Radar
Control Panel
Tilt Management
Gain Control
Weather Radar Phenomena and Anomalies
Ground Clutter and Ground Painting
Radar Shadows
Beam Smearing
Preflight Planning
Stratiform vs. Convective Weather
The Tropopause
Thunderstorms and their Hazards and Storm Shapes
Squall Lines
Hazardous Winds
Turbulence, Hail, and Lightning
Post-Course Examination (Optional)

Course Screenshots


Weather Radar - The anatomy of a cloud

Aviation Security - AVSEC

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Weather Radar - Data Processing

General Security Awareness Training (GSAT)

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Weather Radar - radar return levels - colour
Weather Radar - the pulse train
Weather Radar - radar returns at cruise altitudes
Weather Radar - planning your routes

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