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Aircraft Upset Training (Theory Only)

The Upset Prevention & Recovery (UPRT) Theory Training course is designed to prevent pilots getting the aircraft into an upset situation.
If however they do find themselves in the situation, this course looks at how to recover the aircraft.
This course covers jet upset, focussing on recognition, prevention and re-covery techniques.
The course includes relevant high-altitude aerodynamics, including aircraft performance factors.
Pilot induced, environmental and aircraft system related upsets are covered.

This course can be customized to operators requirements to be used to sup-port simulator training.

In this course we will cover the following subjects;
What is an aircraft upset;
Previous upset accidents and incidents and lessons to be learned;
High speed high altitude aerodynamics;
High Altitude Weather;
High & Low Speed stalls;
High & Low Altitude stalls;
Stall Recovery;
Upset Recovery;
After the Upset.

Course Screenshot

Aircraft Upset Training (Theory Only) - swept wing aerodynamics

Upset Training - Aerodynamics

This diagram talks about the aircraft stall.
Aircraft Upset Training (Theory Only) - pilot commanded sideslip

Pilot Commanded Sideslip

This illustration shows the effect of sideslip on the aircraft.
Upset Training - flight envelope
Upset Training - what is an aeroplane upset
Upset Training - Swept wing load factors
Upset Training - Fly By Wire and aeroplane upsets

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