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Aviation Security [TCAS]

This course provides flight crew members with information and theoretical knowledge and training in the use and background of the TCAS system (version 7.00 & 7.1).

The purpose of this course is to obtain training for TCAS II operation qualification.

The course consists of the following topics:
TCAS basics
TCAS components
Transponder modes
TCAS models
TCAS II v7.00
TCAS II alerts
Crew action

Note: This program must be established in the operator’s Operation Manual (OM) and approved by the relevant authority.

Course Screenshots

TCAS - Vertical TAU

TCAS Warning envelope

TCAS - the introduction of TCAS

TCAS - Why it was developed

TCAS - Distance modification dmod
TCAS - proximate traffic
TCAS - RA reduce climb
TCAS - turbulence

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