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Low Visibility Operations [LVOPS]

This course provides flight crew members with information and theoretical knowledge of the regulations, background of Low Visibility Operations in Europe.
Purpose of this course is to obtain training for Low Visibility operation qualification.

The course consists of the following topics:
Characteristics and limitations of the ILS and/or MLS
Characteristics of the visual aids
Characteristics of fog
Operational capabilities and limitations of the particular airborne system
Effects of precipitation, ice accretion, low level wind shear and turbulence
Effect of specific aeroplane malfunctions
Use and limitations of RVR assessment systems
Principles of obstacle clearance requirements
Recognition of and action to be taken in the event of failure of ground equipment
Approach, runway and taxiway lighting systems
Importance of correct seating and eye position
Significance of DH and the effect of terrain profile on radio altimeter readings and auto flight systems
Qualification requirements

Note: This program must be established in the operator’s Operation Manual (OM) and approved by the relevant authority.

This course includes the add on course of ILS Errors, that looks at false Glideslope and Localiser capture and mitigating techniques.
This additional module meets EASA SIB 2014-07R1 issued 12 August 2015.

Course Screenshots

Low Visibility Operations - Approach chart legend - reading the chart

Airport Approach chart profile

Low Visibility Operations - the cockpit cut off angle

Aircraft cockpit cut off angle

Low Visibility Operations -
Low Visibility Operations -
Low Visibility Operations -
Low Visibility Operations -

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