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Lithium Battery Fires

Lithium Batteries are in many of the everyday items we use, our mobile telephone, iPad, computer, eCigarette and so on.
They are fantastic sources of power.

But they have a major flaw - they sometimes catch fire!

As they produce their own oxygen when they ignite, you cannot fully extinguish them with normal fire fighting techniques.

Our FREE eLearning courses teach you how to deal with a Lithium battery fire, be it on an aircraft or in your home.
To take the course, choose which version best suits your circumstances.
We also have commercial versions available to purchase if you want our logo removed or wish to present the course to your clients.

Crew Members
For Aircraft Crew Members
This course is designed for Cabin Crew & Pilots that may have to handle a Lithium Battery Fire or incident when they are airborne.

Non Crew Members
For Airline / Aircraft Operators staff that are non crew
This course is designed for people working at an airport or for an airline or aircraft operator and may be responsible for equipment or freight that may be loaded onto the aircraft.

General Public
For members of the General Public
This course looks at the situations that members of the public may find themselves in and with equipment that they may use.

See below if you want to deliver the courses to your staff.

Course Screenshots

Aviation Security (AVSEC) course

Introduction to Lithium Battery Fires

General Security Awareness Training (GSAT) course

Cooling Lithium Battery Fires

Lithium Battery Fire
Personal Electronic Devices catching fire
Introduction to Lithium Battery Fires
Lithium Battery Fires

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All aircraft crew members and personnel accepting freight or baggage should be aware of the dangers of potential Lithium Battery fires and should know how to fight them in the rare occasions that they do catch fire. Lithium Battery fires are unique in the method of fighting them and the techniques used.

This FREE course is available for anyone and feel free to send the link to any-one you think should view the course. The course is short, just 11 minutes and you can discuss the course and Lithium Battery fires by using the forum (please note that the forum is moderated and it may take a little while for your posts to show). If you are an airline, operator or training school then we can provide the course to you for free for you to host on your own LMS.

This course is published in HTML 5 and so is compatible with the iPad and other non Flash enabled players.
You do not need to purchase or register for this course.

NOTE: To run in the iPad you will be prompted to download the free Articulate player from the Apple Store.

There are 3 versions of this course; For Crew For non crew airline / airport workers For the General Public.

Commercial Versions
If you wish to purchase a commercial version of the course that includes your logos and colour schemes then this can be purchased for internal use for £200 (includes all 3 version).
To be able to resell the course as part of your own courses for £650.
The commercial version includes:
Packaged versions of all course versions (Crew, Non Crew & Public) in SCORM 1.2, 2004 or AICC.
Source PowerPoint files (for instructor led training).
Lesson plans.
Source .story files..


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