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Fatigue Management Course

This course looks at Fatigue Risk Management Systems (FRMS) and Flight Time Limitations and is designed for Crew, Dispatchers and Scheduling Staff.
The course benefits from new discoveries about fatigue, and how to miti-gate its effect with regards to aviation safety.

The course also benefits from new discoveries about fatigue, and how to miti-gate its effect with regards to aviation safety.

Learn what fatigue is and how it effects you.
Learn how to manage fatigue.
Find out what causes fatigue and how to mitigate these causes.
Understand what a Fatigue Risk Management System (FRMS) is.
Understand how a FRMS can be integrated into your Safety Manage-ment System (SMS)

Course content:

Introduction to Fatigue & Risk.
Causes of Fatigue.
Sleep fundamentals.
Sleep inertia.
Minimising sleep interruptions.
Fatigue and performance.
Fatigue countermeasures.
Sleep disorders.
Long range operations & crew fatigue.
Heavy short range operations & crew fatigue.
Crew responsibilities.

This course is designed to meet the EASA requirements in ORO.FTL but can be modified to operator or airline requirements and other regulators.

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    Crew Course (AVSEC)
    This course is for Flight and Cabin Crew and is available both as instructor led and online eLearning. Crew are required to renew the qualification every 12 months.
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    General Staff Course (GSAT)
    This course is designed for general staff who require training in gereral security awareness.  GSAT is required to be renewed at least every 5 years. This course is available as instructor led or online training.

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Please note that this course references many sources including the material from Garret Healy, his work can be seen at https://understandingeasa2016ftl.wordpress.com/understanding-the-new-regulation/application-of-regulations/


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