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Carriage of Live Animals

This online training course provides crew members and ground staff with information and theoretical knowledge on the Carriage of Live Animals.

The course looks at:
Arrangement for Transport Feeding & Watering
Containers for Animals
Animal Attendants
Aircraft Key Factors
Emergency Treatment or Slaughter of Animals
Other Passengers

The course complies with the IATA Live Animal Regulations (LAR).
The course is an online eLearning course, and concludes with an examination.

References: IATA LAR CITES - Guideline for Transport and preparation for shipment of live wild animals and plants 1981
US DoT AC 120-85 - Air Cargo Operations
US DoT 14 CFR Part 382 - Non discrimination on the Basis of Disability in Air Travel
EC 1/2005 Part 2G - Guideance on Transport of Animals by Air CASA AC91-045(0) - Carriage of Live Animals in Aircraft
Boeing Aero 2012 q2 - Safe Transport of Live Animal Cargo

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    Crew Course (AVSEC)
    This course is for Flight and Cabin Crew and is available both as instructor led and online eLearning. Crew are required to renew the qualification every 12 months.
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    General Staff Course (GSAT)
    This course is designed for general staff who require training in gereral security awareness.  GSAT is required to be renewed at least every 5 years. This course is available as instructor led or online training.

Course Screenshot

Carriage of Live Animals - animal feeding

Animal feeding

Carriage of Live Animals -

Markings on animal transport

Carriage of Live Animals -
Carriage of Live Animals -
Carriage of Live Animals -
Carriage of Live Animals -

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